Veronika Mahdalová

4th April: Blog post from Veronika Mahdalová, a Senior Project Expert at TEMPO who will be speaking about how social value has helped her organisation’s decision making process.

No Pain No Gainveronika blog picture

To be honest, we were unprepared when SROI came into our lives. In Czech, social impact isn’t a common topic in Universities and most of the general public has never heard of it. So when we signed up for the Leonardo Da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation project we had no idea what we had let ourselves in for.

As a company which promotes specialized training in raising computer literacy, managerial and entrepreneurial skills and language courses, and are also very active in European projects, we saw a great opportunity in this approach. It was and is important for us to learn how successful we have been in our work and if we have achieved expected results. What we did not expect was how challenging SROI can be. The focus on stakeholder involvement is fundamental, and we discovered many new issues that were important to our target groups that would not otherwise have been taken into account. But getting there was hard work and, at times, frustrating; finding and involving stakeholders was particularly difficult for us. So, at first we thought we would just be relieved to have finished finally but actually we learned a lot and will now be using this new knowledge in other projects.

What started as something we had to do, turned into something we wanted to do and we plan to introduce this to other people in our region very soon.

For the project TEMPO TRAINING & CONSULTING project team,

           Veronika Mahdalová

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