Corporate Approaches to Shared Value and SROI



Gundula CöllenFounding Partner, CÖLLEN & PÉRON GmbH

Jean-Christophe Laugee: Social Innovation & Ecosystem Director, Danone

Jose Retana: Associate Director, Sustainability and Climate Change at PricewaterhouseCoopers



Social value measurement is not solely the concern of the public and third sector. The private sector and corporate companies are increasingly looking at the wider impact of their acttivities on the world.

Hear from companies from the realms of management consultancy and multinational food products on how private corporations can relate to the ideas of shared value and SROI.



 Gundula Cöllen  Why Impact Measurement is also becoming a Valuable Tool for Companies”

Jose Retana “Total Impact Measurement and Management initiative at PwC”

PowerPoint Presentations:

Gundula Cöllen : CSR Reports – What do they actually tell us?

Jose Retana : Total Impact Measurement and Management 


Session summary:


1. Why are organisations not taking enough account of social value?


The first challenge cited for corporate organisations wanting to measure their shared value was the potential difficulty of identifying scope for an organisation’s forecast/evaluation – how can a company meaningfully decide where to stop with their impact analysis? A second issue arose from the general difficulty of the internal structure and hierarchy of organisations; CSR reports are being produced but not read or incorporated into the mainstream activity of an organisation because different departments have different operations and activities, resulting in a communications deficit. For as long as CSR operations are seen as nothing more than a PR exercise, this may well continue. This idea of more of a ‘holism’ between mainstream and CSR departments became an ongoing theme throughout the conference.


2. What’s the solution?


A potential solution for the corporate world to the above challenges is enacting a cultural and legislative shift towards a more holistic approach. Rather than SROI and impact measurement as a whole being viewed as a subdepartment within CSR, a change towards a more integrated and embedded approach is necessary. This will require explicit instruction to leadership/managers and a more long-term attitude towards impact, all along the value chain.

In addition, the importance of making a strong ‘business case’ for more reporting was apparent, and viewed as a must for getting corporates on side.

Finally, we need to encourage corporate organisations to take a long view of impact measurement and the benefits this can confer to them.


3. What’s your organisation doing?


Danone is investing in small businesses and third sector organisations, which creates a value for the business and to partners to increase social value.

Gundula Cöllen has established a CSR consultancy to improve the quality of CSR reports.

PwC are putting in place a TIMM framework that helps guide their activities and measure and manage their impact more effectively.


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