Introduction to SROI and Case Studies (Session in Italian)



Valentina LangellaSenior Consultant at ALTIS, the Postgraduate School of Business & Society at the Catholic University, Milan

Professor Clodia Vurro: Research Fellow of Corporate Responsibility, Bocconi University and Vita Group

Germana MontroniCFO and Diversity Manager, ATM Spa




A brief introduction to SROI methodologies through the presentation of three best practices of application in Italy.

PowerPoint Presentations:


CHANGE : Shared Value and CSR

CHANGE Total Impact Measurement and Management

Session summary:



 What’s your organisation doing?

ATM are an example of an Italian company who exemplify the use of SROI in their work. Through their welfare policy for 9,000 employees, they create social value – providing a kindergarten, family holidays, social houses and dentist and gynaecology appointments. This leads to savings of time and money for the company and employees, increased social integration and a more incentivised workforce.

Cesvi (an Italian international, independent association working for global solidarity) has collaborated with E.C. and UBI Banca to create a social bond, with the aim to increase the independence, business skills, food resilience and agricultural skills. Forecasted SROI ratio and outcomes/KPIs tracked by considering SROI.

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