Introduction to SROI



Tim GoodspeedTraining Manager at The SROI Network



Join Tim Goodspeed, Training Manager at the SROI Network, for a whistle-stop introduction to Social Return on Investment (SROI).

This practical methodology, underpinned by seven core principles, can help you to understand, manage and communicate your social value as well as assisting decision making, governance and risk management for your organisation.

PowerPoint Presentations:

TIM GOODSPEED : Using Social Value

Session summary:


1. Why are organisations not taking enough account of social value?

In this Introductory session, various issues were raised around why organisations are not accounting for social value. The first of these was that most organisations do not view social value accounts as relevant to the primary audience for financial accounts; the link between social value and increased profit is not currently cemented or persuasive enough to encourage organisations to account for social value. Secondly, within the current company governance structure, there is no necessity to account for social value – if investors are happy, what else matters?


2. What’s the solution?

To combat these problems, we need to effect a profound change in the way organisations view social value, and find a way to incorporate it into their corporate objectives. Rather than a sideline CSR subproject, SROI needs to become a way of thinking.


3. What’s your organisation doing?

The SROI Network itself is trying to combat these problems by encouraging and promoting the use of SROI across the board. As well as this, the network has various services to standardise and develop the SROI framework so it is both an authoritative and flexible methodology that can be adapted as appropriate for different uses.

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