Money Talks, Social Value Talks Too



Tom AdamsDirector of Impact, Acumen

Luis G. Fernandez: Impact and Advocacy Manager, Charities Aid Foundation

Simon FaivelSenior Consultant, Social Ventures Australia




Speakers from a range of backgrounds will be discussing how using social value can influence the debate around investors, donors and foundations.  Join this session for a lively discussion on the wider implications of recognising the role of social value.



Tom Adams  Measuring Measurement

Luis Fernandez Social Value Matters

PowerPoint Presentations:


Session summary:


1. Why are organisations not taking enough account of social value?

This session was led by 3 speakers with a huge amount of experience and knowledge within the area of investment funds and venture capital. They identified a whole range of reasons why organisations are not taking enough account of social value. The key areas were firstly a problem of collection; social impact data is just not being collected. Secondly the general culture around impact investment is one of burden and confusion between different frameworks with not enough actual enactment of real impact. There was an initial rush towards impact measurement frameworks, leaving a deficit of evidence for positive business case, lack of enthusiasm for accountability and a high bar was set for impact measurement.



2. What’s the solution?

A shift of resources is needed to improve the sector; we need more new talent and more money. Another stimulating area of discussion was the idea that only increased accountability can lead to real improvement.


3. What’s your organisation doing?

Acumen is making moves towards looking at its own impact, extended to its new projects. CAF has recently innovated an internally centred capacity to deliver impact reporting to clients. SVA have set up a ‘3 pillars’ approach – this is attracting new people to the space, building an evidence base and bringing money in.

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