Social Impact in Finance (Session in Italian)



Alfonso Del GiudiceProfessor of Corporate Finance at the Catholic University, Milan

Carlo MassiniPartner, Hogan Lovells





A talk and discussion about Social Impact Bonds in Italy with representatives of all involved (companies, public administration, third sector) in this new way to invest in the community.

PowerPoint Presentations:


Session summary:


1. Why are organisations not taking enough account of social value?

There are some limitations for the Social Impact Bond (SIB) model in Italy due to national law.


2. What’s the solution?

Although the consensus of this session was that the model is scalable, there are some conditions for real success of SIBs – assistance from banks, cross sector cooperation and new ways of thinking from cooperatives and universisites.


3. What’s your organisation doing?

Alfonso Del Giuduce is from Universita Cattolica, who are working on research into SIBs and opportunities for Italy. Carlo Massini is a partner at a law firm based in Milan, from the Banking and Finance department, who are currently working on legal issues concerning SIBs in Italy.

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