Capturing and Understanding Value



Jeremy WyattPrincipal Consultant and Managing Director of Hall Aitken

Peter Scholten: Consultant on Social Market Research and Valuation, Amsterdam

Ben CarpenterCo-ordinator of Global Vlaue Exchange and Information Researcher at The SROI Network





Social Value measurement, evaluation and accounting mean nothing without reliable ways to assess value.

Discussions about financial proxies, cost-benefit costings and other types of valuations are common; contributing to this debate will be three speakers with experience of valuation.



Jeremy Wyatt  SROI In Baby Steps...

PowerPoint Presentations:

BEN CARPENTER : Global Value Exchange 


Session summary:


1. Why are organisations not taking enough account of social value?

The main challenges explored in this session were those of common misconceptions. There is a misunderstanding of SROI and social value measurement that it is expensive, difficult, lengthy and requires consultants. Organisations do not realise that they can account for value in many small stages, rather than one big difficult step.

There is also an unawareness of current resources available to organisations.


2. What’s the solution?

Each of the speakers provided interesting and varied solutions to the above problems in their own way. See point 3) for details. However, it was generally acknowledged that it is important to address these misconceptions wherever possible in external communications and conversations.


3. What’s your organisation doing?

GVE is a way of empowering stakeholders in a transparent and open way. It provides a free, easy to access tool that reveals some of the ‘black box’ of SROI and valuation. Both GVE and the Self Assessment Tool (presented by Jeremy Wyatt) prove to users that the process of SROI can be broken down into small parts, and can be useful even at low levels of rigour. The Self Assessment Tool also comes with a guide that breaks down the seven principles into practical guidelines for good practice. The value game challenged the conception of SROI as an esoteric practice because of its high levels of stakeholder engagement and transparent methodology.

 Speaker Discussion Points:

Peter responded to some initial questions before the conference.  See below for his answers:

  1. Why are organisations not taking enough account of social value? I am not sure this is the case; maybe they use other M&E systems, other performance measurements. So the question is not: do they take enough account of social value; but: what do they use, and why? And where can we add value for them? 
  2. What’s the solution? Dissemination of SROI; but not as a one-and-only-solution, or with strict rules and regulations. But as an invitation to join the debate. When we claim we know it all, we will lose… Let’s show ways for solutions for, social problems. SROI is not a church or religion. No dogma’s.
  3. What is your organisation doing? Consulting on SROI, and more specifically on valuation of intangibles; customer value etc. Trying to be creative and develop new tools/solutions in order to serve the broad market of organizations in the social world.
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