People, Profit, Planet


Catalina Garcia Gomez: Communications and Sustainable Development Director, SABMiller LatAm

Kitrohna CerriSocial Capital member at World Business Council for Sustainable Developement (WBCSD)





The case for multinational corporations to recognise their impact and to start measuring their social blue is more compelling than ever before.  Join this session to hear from speakers who work with corporations to see how they are moving towards managing social and environmental value in order to accommodate the needs of people, profit and the planet.



Catalina Garcia  The Importance of Value

PowerPoint Presentations:

CATALINA GARCIA : camino al progreso

Session summary:


1. Why are organisations not taking enough account of social value?

In this session with speakers from two of the leading forces in CSR in the corporate world, a productive conversation was had about the so called triple bottom line. A challenge raised was the current attitude that meaningful impact evaluation is seen as a big cost.


2. What’s the solution?

Solutions to challenges for corporates taking up social value measurement are wide ranging and diffuse. It is necessary to increase the ‘humanisation’ of the methods and tools, so that they are more suitable for using with qualitative, human data. A second solution is making a tool which is more usable for businesses, to link more directly to the case for social value co-ordinating with profit. We can do this by clarifying and increasing awareness of the evidence that business can grow through social investments.


3. What’s your organisation doing?

WBCSD is working with businesses to humanise impact, through a new initiative called ‘Redefining Value’, and more grassroots projects involving entrepreneur empowerment. SAB Miller is increasing their social investment in Latin America through their Tenderos initiative. A pertinent point raised in the discussion was that leadership is important here – the best way to change a culture is to make the case within your own organisation first.

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